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Red Cross Blood Drive

The Lennox School District is excited to partner with the American Red Cross for a blood drive at Lennox Middle School. We'll be working together to give back to the community in a truly life-changing way since each donation can save up to three lives. The Lennox Middle School ASB students are leading the blood drive. There are many ways you can help, but most importantly we hope you come out to donate.
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Know Your Rights Forum

Topics will include frequently asked questions regarding immigration status, DACA (work permits for undocumented students), and general information on what to do if confronted by immigration officials.
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Online Safety Tips

Learn how to reinforce the digital citizenship lessons we have taught in our schools to help our young learners navigate the internet safely.
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Principal's Message

My name is Robert Estrada and it is an honor to be the Principal of Jefferson School.  Our school is committed to the education of our students and the families that we serve. At Jefferson School we believe that every child in every classroom can achieve success.  The student’s achievements and the joy of learning is optimized and facilitated by supportive teachers, staff and administration in a challenging and exciting environment.  The faculty and staff at Jefferson are committed to academic success in English Language Arts, Math and English Language Development. We offer students multiple opportunities to reach their fullest potential through grade level standards and intervention programs during and after school. Jefferson's AVID, STEAM and School of Dentistry prepares each of our TK-5th grade students for college and career.  We also offer parents multiple educational opportunities to support their children at home.  Please join us and together we will all celebrate our success!
Principal, Roberto Estrada Jr.
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5 Keys to Success at Jefferson!

At Jefferson School, we believe that every child in every classroom can and will achieve success. One way we can ensure academic success is to continue the learning at home. Research shows that practice is important for anyone to achieve success! Education is no different. We would like the learning that is taking place in the classroom to continue at home through practice.

Following the 5 Keys to Success is a wonderful way for our families to help and support their children at home.

1. Completing Homework.
2. Practicing High Frequency Words.
3. Read their Library Leveled Book.
4. Log into Lexia. (it’s free!)
5. Practice Math Facts.

Completing these 5 Keys to Success will promote academic success at Jefferson Elementary School. Thanks to your generosity, our PTA will provide our students with Monthly and Trimester Rewards to help motivate our students!

Homework and Practicing Math Facts:
K-5th: Students Achieve good grades on the Trimester Report Card.
Student: Students with good grades are invited to the Standards Success Celebration Breakfast with the Principal each trimester.

High Frequency Words Goals:
K: Letter Names and Sounds & 90 Words
1st: 165 Words
2nd: 300 Words
Student: Brag Tag and Certificate for students who have met trimester goals.
Class: A movie and popcorn party for the highest class from each grade.

Accelerated Reader Library Book Goals:
3rd-5th: Students achieve an average comprehension percentage of 85% or higher on AR Test.
Student: Brag Tag and Certificate for students who have met trimester goals.
Class: A movie and popcorn party for the highest class from each grade.

Lexia K-5th Goal: Students increase a level on Lexia monthly.
Student: Students will receive a Certificate and their names will be posted for all to see at the AVID Celebrate Success Monthly Assembly!
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